• Abhyanga



Avagaham is a method of sweating for which the patient is seated in a tub full of hot herbal decoction. According to the condition of the disease suitable medicated oil can be applied on the body prior to this. The aim of this treatment is to sweat the body and there by making the vata moving in its own root. It is a method of preparation for the cleansing treatment or the panchakarma. The oil application and the thorough sweating of the body help for the expulsion of the toxins from their bonded sites very easily. Because of the sweating it gives relief for the pain and stiffness of the joints and the back. Book appointment with Dr.Sarvesh Kumar Singh to get relief from various ailments affecting your life. You can consult him for Abhyanga as he is engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda for years now. The is registered with authorities and offers affordable Ayurvedic treatment to the residents of Gorakhpur.